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AX69 | All-in-One USP / TR-069 ACS Server for Remote Device Management

Axiros AX69 product line revolutionizes device management with its effortless, feature-rich platform. Quickly troubleshoot devices and manage firmware configurations remotely, with predictive analytics and operator support – accessible via the cloud or on-premises.

Maximize your technical and operational efficiency today.

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AX69 ACS Service

With the help of our cloud-based Auto Configuration Server (ACS), enterprises and ISPs alike can now streamline the management of not only their networks but also offices, stores, and supply chain infrastructure. This includes Routers, Modems, ONTs for DSL, Cable, Fiber, and Cellular uplink devices that support TR-069.

This cutting-edge technology enables remote configuration of internet access, telephony services, LAN and WiFi networks, and much more. This reduces maintenance costs and ensures scalability for future growth. The ACS solution is available both in the cloud and on-premises.

AX69 is responsible for provisioning, configuring, and managing any device on any network. It allows you to automate many tasks involved in device management, such as provisioning new devices, distributing firmware updates, and monitoring performance remotely through a single platform.

Benefit from our regular platform upgrades, introducing new supported devices and essential features, guaranteeing a smooth and secure system operation.

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Enterprise & ISP Installations


Devices Managed by Axiros


Set Up & Installation Process

From 50

Devices in the Cloud, Pay as you Grow Model


Maintenance, Resource and Infrastructure Required to Set Up


Integration of New Devices

" Hull Fibre are pleased to announce their partnership with Axiros as part of our device management strategy. Their AX69 platform enables us to have visibility of our customers CPE and assists us in quickly identifying and resolving any issues. "

Hull Fibre

" The agreement with Axiros, a leading company in control and device management, is an important step for us. It enables to add new functions and services to Netmon, improving its performance even further and making it more appealing for every client. The integration of the two systems lays the foundations for a further spread of our product at national level and, above all, abroad. "


" This ACS system, which Axiros only recently introduced as a new product variant, originally only provided one user role. Since we needed several roles, Axiros delivered this function in a short time. "


" Axiros managed service is a great way to fulfill the needs of our (international) clients to maintain the end-to-end support on a Fibre connection. The Managed Wholesale Fibre Connectivity (MWFC) is a service for international carriers to gain access to the Dutch market for Connectivity. "


" It's a great benefit for our resellers and end users to maintain the devices in the field with the proper tooling of Axiros. "

Qupra Wholesale

Supported Devices

Our solution seamlessly integrates with any device utilizing TR-069 & TR-369 protocols, providing dynamic auto-discovery of the device’s parameter tree, including vendor-specific parameters, without any prior assumptions about the device’s data model. Through extensive testing across a variety of device types and manufacturers, including DSL, cable, fiber optics, LTE CPEs, and VoIP phones, we ensure optimal compatibility and functionality.

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AX69 TR-069 ACS Server Features

Operational Efficiency

  • Scheduling Of Remote Firmware Upgrades
  • Automatic Configuration of Devices
  • Extensive Device Remote Support Options
  • Troubleshooting for Support Agents
  • Device Inventory Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Maximum Security
  • Connectivity & Diagnostics Testing
  • Reduces Service Cost

Data & Analytics

  • Multiple Views (Device & MESH Topology)
  • Historical Device & Network Data
  • Parameter Threshold Analytics
  • Device Usage Statistics
  • Reports & Data Visualization
  • Real Time Insights

Integrations & Scalability

  • Integration With Other Platforms
  • Cloud Based or On-Premises
  • Can Upgrade Easily to Axiros AXESS ACS
  • GDPR & Data Compliance
  • Packaged Pricing Available
  • Professional Support From Our Engineers
  • New Device Models Can Be Integrated Rapidly
  • Pay As You Grow

Pricing Packages

Get AX69 On Different Package Options - Pay As You Grow

Get your operations running at peak performance with AX69 — All-in-One USP / TR-069 ACS solution that offers dynamic scalability and unrivalled powerful device management. Different pricing packages are based on a few parameters, the total number of devices, set-up requirements, and support.

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AX69 Pricing

The Process

How Our AX69 ACS Server Works

Controls Device Fleet

Stay in control of your devices at all times with real-time visibility into their status. Ensure efficient device management while gaining complete oversight.

Manages Firmware

Gain valuable insights into the firmware versions of your devices and keep them up-to-date with automated remote monitoring. Enjoy hassle-free upgrades keeping you in control at all times.


Keep your network updated and running with real-time visibility into connectivity, service health and performance. Our remote diagnostics enable performance tests, quick reboots and device reset for fast resolution of any issues.


Enjoy the convenience of remote device configuration that allows you to manage your internet access, telephony and network settings easily. Configure all from one place.

Additional Resources

AX69 Brochure

AX69 CLOUD – our cloud born ACS service offering.

The perfect fit for any kind of small and medium business to manage their network and telephony devices in an easy yet secure way.

Service Providers (SPs) can benefit from AX69 CLOUD too: you can now securely deploy all kind of TR-069 enabled devices and things, without the cost and complexity of self hosting an ACS. AX69 CLOUD also enables you to automate complex processes like service activation while growing slowly into the related solution operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our AX69 ACS Server is designed to make managing devices easy. Get started today by exploring our FAQs covering everything from installation and configuration tips, troubleshooting advice, best practices and more.

Does AX69 provide an easy way to replace customer devices?

Yes, device configurations such as Internet, VOIP or WLAN can be transferred to a new device with just a few clicks. Even the change to another model or manufacturer works.

How many devices can I connect?

The use of AX69 is already worthwhile with 100 end devices. With our cloud service you can easily manage 10,000 and more devices. On-premises in cluster operation even 50,000 devices are quite possible.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can test AX69 30 days for free with up to 10 devices.

How do I know if my devices are supported?

When you sign up for a free trial, you will receive a list of all supported devices. If your device is not yet integrated, contact your sales representative.

Do you offer automated firmware updates for the whole device fleet?

With AX69, bulk operations can be rolled out to the entire device base in a few simple steps. Time-controlled, for example, only on weekends or at night times.

How can AX69 be integrated into our own management systems?

AX69 offers an extensive REST API for communication with other systems. Thus, a completely automatic configuration of the end devices is possible, or any device information can be provided for monitoring systems.

Can we run AX69 on our own infrastructure?

The on-premises variant of AX69 can be installed with little effort as a single node or HA cluster. You only need Linux server with internet access.

Is AX69 secure?

We operate our cloud service in high-availability data centers in Europe and Switzerland, which are secured with access controls, emergency power supply and, of course, strict firewalls. We only use officially signed SSL certificates for the web interface and communication with the end devices via TR069 and USP.

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